Johannes Kuhn

Johannes Kuhn works as a designer in Hamburg. The projects are research based and combine graphic, sound, text, image and spatial practices. He works on exhibitions, posters, models, interventions, radio broadcasts, publications and installations. In 2015 he founded the collective yvjo for design and research together with Lukas Yves Jakel and Kristiane Fehrs. Since 2017 he works as a docent at the HafenCity University Hamburg in the department of architecture. Since 2018 the collective has been organizing the initiative Satellit in Munich with the aim of critically analyzing and participating in the transformation process of a district. His projects have been published among others in form Magazin, Deutschlandradio and Süddeutsche Zeitung. He also writes regular articles on urban politics for the Marxist newspaper klassegegenklasse. Recently he was part of an exhibition in Halle6 Munich and speaker at the symposium Kunst ist Zwecklos at PORT25 Mannheim.

Erinnerung, Ehrung, Leugnung

Book design, 2020

Continuities of right wing tradition in Southern Germany. Written by Max van Beveren. Right wing and revisionist remembrance did not end with the defeat of fascism in 1945. Their continuities are recognizable until today in the villages of the alpine upland. Research shows that there are many unknown memorials, signs and monuments that openly honour Freikorps associations, Nazi officials and military units.

Manifestation Lampedusa Hamburg

Sculpture, 2020
In a collaboration between the refugee group Lampedusa Hamburg and the Studio for Experimental Design, a four meter high wooden sculpture was created. It is a monument against racism, deportations and oppression.


Urban research, intervention, sound installation, 2018

SPACE IS THE PLACE is an exhibition in Halle6 in Munich based on the 1974 science fiction film about the jazz avantgardist Sun Ra. It is an attempt to save the world with the help of art. The collective yvjo participates in the exhibition with a performative research and a sound installation. Together with the visitors the quarter was explored. Through a performative live mapping, places with special qualities were marked with red balloons. Apparently unimportant spaces in between became central squares. Small passages became central axes. Hidden benches became popular meeting places. The inflatable S-BASE was the central point of the mission. This was where all the collected information was gathered. The sound installation was the result of a two year research project in which the neighbourhood was asked about the development of the quarter. With a loudspeaker van, 200 collected demands and statements were sounded through the area. Project by collective yvjo in cooperation with REMARK from Amsterdam and Christian Schnurrer from Munich.

Es ist akut

Poster, 2020

Import Export

Poster, booklet, website, since 2019
Import Export offers artists and socially engaged people a space for interdisciplinary experimentation. It is a neighbourhood meeting point, event location, project room, café and canteen. Cooperation with Nicolas Bernklau.


Installation, since 2018
The library includes selected publications on the subject of right to the city. It will be installed at various locations to initiate a critical discussion on the topic of neoliberal urban development. The library is accompanied by discussion events, podcasts and interventions. Right to the city is the fight against gentrification and rent increases. It is also the fight against racist police controls, exclusions in social housing and bans on begging. In cities it is negotiated who belongs and who doesn't, who has access to resources and who doesn't. Right to the city is a social movement for solidary cities! The last stations were the exhibition "5000 Zimmer" in Munich and the University of Architecture and Urban Planning Stuttgart.

The podcast contains curated texts and audio pieces. The work was a cooperation with Corvo Records and part of the exhibition "5000 Zimmer". Project by collective yvjo.

TARMAC festival

Poster, 2020

Record label

Vinyl production, artwork, website, since 2018

Sounds of Wilhelmsburg

Urban research, sound installation, 2018

In a two day workshop, architecture students from HafenCity University Hamburg took sound walks in Wilhelmsburg. They made psychogeographic maps, photographs and sound recordings. The material was used as a basis for an experimental examination of the district. At the FlohZinn flea market an inflatable sound body was installed where visitors could collage sound pieces from the collected material. Project by collective yvjo.


Exhibition design, 2019

Symposium, Exhibition, Political Forum. #EXIST is an exhibition about space for art in the Halle6 in Munich. Parallel to the exhibition, there was a campaign that addressed the lack of studios and the low income of art workers.